At Golden Jet Charter, we fly some of the world’s top business people, executives, and teams by Golden business jet. We make sure that top executives from the world’s biggest organizations get to meetings on time, and handle every business jet charter with the level of detail required for flawless executive travel.

Golden Jet redefines travel for VIP clients – voyagers and corporates, by offering the ultimate in luxury, comfort, convenience and options. Charters for high-profile clients is the best alternative than owning an aircraft, since not only a major investment is in place but also comes with considerable responsibilities, costs and headache.


We specialize in VIP travel with access to thousands of aircraft from light to heavy business jets, VIP executive airliners, turboprops and more, which can fly to most airports in the world from your preferred airport location.

The choice of aircraft depends on many factors – number of passengers, length of flight, purpose, luxury and comfort level desired, etc. – if you a have an hour’s hop or a series of short hops on the same day for business, you may go for a smaller jet, but if you are flying half-way around the world, you will definitely need a business jet with full lavatory, a well-equipped galley, reclinable seats suitable for stretching out or proper night configuration, etc. The larger ones even come with dining-rooms, master-bedrooms, and full-size showers.

Our business jet clients come from all walks of life. They are:

  • Royal family members.
  • Government officials.
  • Very Important Persons (VIPs).
  • Commercially Important Persons (CIPs).
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).
  • Celebrities.

Golden Jet Aviation has the know-how, experience, and reach to cater for the needs of this richly diverse clientele.