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Group jet charter flights provide the perfect way to have your group traveling together. With off-site check-in and security facilities, you eliminate the queues and hassles of traveling through a public airport.

Group Charters are an integral part of our golden jet aviation business. They are usually performed by aircraft in the commercial airliner category. These may be in basic airline configuration with first, business, and economy class seats, or on specially modified aircraft with all business class seats or a combination of first and business class seats, thus providing very comfortable seat size and seat pitch, as opposed to the crowded airline configuration.

We cater to groups of all sizes; whether you need a VIP airliner for your sports team, a business jet with conference rooms for carrying out meetings, or a luxury jet for your birthday celebrations, we can provide you with an aircraft with the exact configuration and facilities you need.

Golden Jet Aviation provides group charter arrangements for numerous purposes. Along the years, we have performed flights for the following purposes or clients:

  • Government delegations.
  • Sports teams.
  • Sports fans.
  • Musical groups.
  • Corporate incentive programs.
  • Product launch programs.
  • Wedding parties.
  • Religious tourism (Hajj & Umrah).